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My response to a resident on how I get along.

My reply to a question from a resident:

Q: In my opinion, we need more conservatives on the town council, but not bitter, angry, hard to get a long with conservatives. In all sincerity, where are you at on this scale, Marc?

Thank you for contacting me. I am a conservative, but not a bitter one. If you look through the last 6 years of my campaigns, you will see that I have never issued insults or personal attacks. Despite being accused, insulted, and ridiculed by the media, by other candidates, and by some of their supporters, I have not responded in kind. These are our neighbors, co-workers, and fellow citizens. It does not serve us to dehumanize people we disagree with. I may criticize policies and actions, but I never demean or devalue anyone. I believe all people have value and worth. They have worked hard to get to where they are at and are worthy of consideration. If we disagree on something, we should be able to have a frank and honest discussion about the issues, not the personalities. I hope to bring more order to the council discussions and will stand for equal time for all voices at the table. It's going to take four votes to get anything done and you can't do that by alienating colleagues. Finally, I offer as evidence my role as an educator. I find ways to work with all students regardless of their motivations, attitudes, or perspectives. If I can teach algebra to a kid who was trying to punch me just a few minutes earlier, I think I can handle a debate on a thorny issue before the town council. If you'd ever like to talk or discuss anything in person, you can contact me at 309-824-1304. Have a great day!

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