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Latest email to supporters

Hello, friends!

The election will be certified tomorrow, 04/25. We have hired an attorney and tomorrow we will file a petition for a Discovery Recount.

As of this writing, the campaign has raised about $650 through the GoFundMe account, plus a couple thousand through other means. Combined with some of our personal finances, we have enough for a retainer for our attorney, though we haven't quite raised the minimum of $5,000 we anticipate will be needed.

We would appreciate it if as many people as possible would please share the GoFundMe link, as well as the link to our website where folks can contribute to the recount fund. With 97 ballots yet to be inspected and possibly counted (undervotes or overvotes), and the slim 11 vote margin, we have plenty of good reasons to continue with this process to ensure the true voice of the people has been heard.

Here are the links:

GoFundMe Marc Tiritilli for Mayor Recount

Marc Tiritilli for Mayor Campaign Contribution page

Of course, recently, some of the council members have ensured that Marc got some very bad press. It was unfortunate that they chose to take such an action, but made us wonder if they want to discourage folks from supporting the recount effort. Marc provided a statement about Fritzen's assertions:

Tiritilli responds to Fritzen statement

In addition, Benjamin Yount from Cities 92.9 spoke about it on his afternoon show and gave a pretty good defense against what Jeff Fritzen had to say--he starts on this topic at about minute 2:00:

Thanks so much for your support! We really appreciate it!

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