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An update on the recount

First, thank you to the many, many people who have supported me throughout this process. I doubt I will be able to express the full extent of my gratitude. We have looked at the ballots in seven precincts. The counts were off by one vote that was not in my favor. The undervotes on the optical scan ballots we saw are legitimately blank. There are still some pieces of information that we are waiting to review. This has been a planned and ongoing process from the beginning that is now nearing its conclusion. As we have stated previously, we will make a decision about issuing an election challenge some time within the next week.

Surprisingly, I have been criticized for simply wanting to look at publicly available information. I have taken no action against anyone and haven’t initiated any court proceedings or challenges. I have only been gathering information to get as clear a picture as possible before making an important decision with far-reaching consequences. In short, I am being criticized for being thorough. But I will be thorough, regardless.

As I mentioned to someone who posted earlier today, “Today’s request is not a plan B or C. It is not, ‘Dang, the discovery didn’t work, let’s try this…’ The only plan all along has been to take as complete a look as possible at the election to determine if there is a basis for moving forward with a full recount. In addition to that, I am considering the possible repercussions of time, expense, and disruption to the community should a challenge be mounted. I’ll be frank--my prospects look very unlikely at this point and I won’t ask for a recount unless I find more compelling reasons than I have seen so far. Nevertheless, I will gather all the information possible before declaring it done. It is not easy, it is not fun, and today’s attacks serve as a distraction to make things even harder, but I intend to complete the review process I committed to at the outset.”

I again commend the county clerk’s office--Kathy Michael and her staff for doing an outstanding job and sincerely thank them for all their efforts. We have worked very hard with Kathy to minimize the impact on both her office and the taxpayers in general. It has been a productive experience and everyone involved has commented positively about learning many new insights into diverse aspects of the electoral process.

I am so pleased with and thankful for everyone who has participated in this campaign. We will see this process through regardless of unjust criticisms and misrepresentations.


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