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Lots to talk about in Normal. Here are a few items in detail:

Marc on Debt

Normal’s debt has grown drastically over the last several years and now sits at a whopping $94 million. As Mayor, Marc will prioritize paying down our debt burden so it won't fall on the shoulders of future Normal families.

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Marc on Lower Taxes

The people of Normal are being hit with new and higher taxes from all sides. The best investment their government could make would be to ease that burden and leave local families with money to spend in the community, and that’s exactly what Marc will do as Mayor.

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Marc on Better Roads

There’s a lot to love about Uptown, but drive just a few blocks down the road and you’ll hit potholes and cracks in the pavement. When he’s Mayor, Marc plans to prioritize vital infrastructure now so that Normal residents won’t have to foot the bill for more costly repairs down the road. (Read More)

Marc on the TIF District

What is a TIF district? Why is the current situation important to understand? Marc explains the details of the Town of Normal's Uptown TIF district.

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Marc on Underfunded Pensions

Pensions for firefighters, police, and city employees are underfunded by $109 million. The Town must devote more of its budget to closing this financial gap. 

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Marc on the Pressures Faced by Our Schools

The current Town administration has repeatedly disregarded the financial and other pressures faced by our school system:

  • The use of TIFs as funding mechanisms,
  • The extension of the Uptown TIF district term (when the Town originally promised that the schools would see a financial boost at the end of the original TIF term), and
  • The use of private business incentives in the form of property tax abatement.
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Marc on Transparency

Marc is running for Mayor because he believes the people of Normal need a strong advocate that will fight for them in City Hall. Rules that stifle community involvement and public scrutiny have no place in our community. Our public servants work for us. When he’s elected, Marc will make sure our voices are heard, and that the people are at the table for every deal.

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Marc on Who Can Be Mayor

Who can be Mayor of Normal? Is it the purview of only the independently wealthy? Or is it only those who have the ability to set their own schedules? Marc believes that leaders who advocate for the people of Normal should be people who better understand their real needs.

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Marc on Smarter Growth

Marc believes that a thriving local economy gets built by families that have money left to spend, not with government giveaways that lure in new businesses. Prioritizing fair taxes and smart growth will make Normal a community where everyone wants to invest.

Marc on Sustainability

Normal has led the way in Central Illinois with investment in community green spaces and environmentally friendly development. Marc will work hard to ensure these these projects are sustainable not only environmentally, but economically as well, so that our community can enjoy them for years to come.

Marc on Development

We’ve seen a lot of great new development in Normal over the past several years, but we can’t keep putting new projects on the credit card. As Mayor, Marc will focus on paying for what we already have and let our local businesses drive our economy, not our local government.

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