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Lots to talk about in Normal. Here are a few items in detail:

Marc on Rivian

Marc presents a short video:

  • to set the record straight regarding his views on Rivian,
  • to talk about comments that the Koos campaign has taken out of context to spread untruths about Marc, and
  • to describe why it was wrong for the Town to gamble with the school district's money.
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Marc on Representation and Transparency

There are several problems with the way Normal’s leadership has handled transparency and public representation. Marc wants to make key changes to the way things have been handled. Marc believes there should be more diversity of thought within the council and a more welcoming public comment policy. He wants to change the dynamics so that there is less contention and more cooperation. That atmosphere comes from the top down—it starts with better leadership. Click the title to see Marc's video about representation.

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Marc on Better Roads

We have not been keeping up with the degradation of our current infrastructure. This is apparent in the many miles of cracked and buckled pavement all over town, which have been in this condition for years. When he’s mayor, Marc plans to prioritize road repair and put the needs of current residents first. (Read More)

Marc on Underfunded Pensions

Pensions for firefighters, police, and city employees are increasingly underfunded by a net liability of $95 million.* The Town must devote more of its budget to closing this financial gap. The property tax rate used to pay for the pensions has increased 42% percent in the eighteen years that Chris Koos has been mayor, but the funding levels have continued to drop. The Town is facing a crisis in pension funding and has been unwilling to reprioritize its finances in order to solve the problem. Marc is committed to repurposing the considerable spending on non-essential projects towards securing the needs of our police and our firefighters.

*Town of Normal Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2020

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Marc on Debt

After being debt-free in the early 2000s, Normal’s debt has grown drastically during the 18 years Mayor Koos has been in office. Our obligation now sits at a whopping $84 million*, with millions more owed in interest. We will be paying for this borrowing until at least 2042**. As Mayor, Marc will prioritize paying down our debt burden so it won't fall on the shoulders of future Normal families. The sooner we pay it off, the less we pay in wasted interest.

* Town of Normal Financial Trend and Condition Report: Fiscal Year 2019-20

**Town of Normal Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2020

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Watch a Debate

Watch a debate between Marc and Chris Koos.

WTVP's At Issue - 3/18/21

Pantagraph - 3/23/21

WGLT - 3/8/21

Marc on Lower Taxes

The people of Normal are being hit with new and higher taxes from all sides. The best investment their government could make would be to ease that burden and leave local families with money to spend in the community, and that’s exactly what Marc will do as Mayor. The first order of business will be to roll back the recently approved doubling of the local gas tax.

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Marc on the TIF District

What is a TIF district? Why is the current situation important to understand? Marc explains the details of the Town of Normal's Uptown TIF district.

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Marc on the Pressures Faced by Our Schools

The current Town administration has repeatedly disregarded the financial and other pressures faced by our school system:

  • The use of TIFs as funding mechanisms,
  • The extension of the Uptown TIF district term (when the Town originally promised that the schools would see a financial boost at the end of the original TIF term), and
  • The use of private business incentives in the form of property tax abatement.
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Marc on Who Can Be Mayor

Who can be Mayor of Normal? Is it the purview of only the independently wealthy? Or is it only those who have the ability to set their own schedules? Marc believes that leaders who advocate for the people of Normal should be people who better understand their real needs.

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Marc on Sustainability

Normal has led the way in Central Illinois with investment in community green spaces and environmentally friendly development. Marc will work hard to ensure these these projects are sustainable not only environmentally, but economically as well, so that our community can enjoy them for years to come.

Marc on Water Quality

Water quality should be something that Normal residents can expect as part of what they pay for in their water bills. Several residents have been dealing with brown, cloudy water, while the replacement of the old mains that serve them has been disregarded as a priority. Residents have had to wait years for action while unnecessary projects were fast-tracked. Marc wants to change that and make sure the Town properly prioritizes the basic need for clean water.

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Marc Answers Questions on a Variety of Topics

Marc has been asked by many different groups to supply information about who he is and what his goals and polices are. We thought the residents of Normal would like to see a few his responses on a variety of topics.

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Marc's Conversation with Connor Small

Marc had a great conversation with Normal resident Connor Small on Facebook Live. They talked about Marc's background, what it's like to run a campaign, and various local issues. If you'd like to know Marc better, check out this video. (Read More)

Marc on the Keep Your Day Job Podcast

Marc was recently interviewed by Ed C. on the Keep Your Day Job podcast. In this interview, Marc talks about better representation for all people in the community, how to do a more effective job maintaining our roads and water mains, and how to better manage our large financial obligations while protecting Unit 5 in the process: Episode 6: A Conversation with Marc Tiritilli (Read More)

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